Peacock Flower

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    The Peacock Flowers (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) are very easy to grow. Five or six corms can be planted in a quart plastic container in early June and grown anywhere, provided there is full sun. By mid-July, handsome clumps of swordlike, mid-green leaves will have developed. Irislike leaves grow to about 2 feet long on 3-foot stalks.

    In August there will be magnificent, six-petaled, star-shaped, fragrant white flowers with dark burgundy throats. Each flowering stem consists of 6 – 8 flowers arranged in a loose spike.

    The fragrance alone is enough reason to grow this plant. The flowers open in the evening, perfuming the garden with their delightful scent.

    • Other names: Dwarf Poinciana,  Pride of Barbados
    • Synonyms: Caesalpinia pulcherrima
    • Family: Fabaceae
    • Native to:  Tropics and subtropics of the Americas
    Video Credits: Flower of Life


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