Pekingese for Sale

The Pekingese one of the most popular breeds in the world. His past is wrapped into the mystical world of Oriental dragons and emperors. His ancestors were pampered by royalty and were almost considered as sacred dogs. With their soft fur, large dark eyes and "baby-like" faces the Pekingese puppies are absolutely irresistible. Pekingese are extremely loyal, affectionate and often get attached to one member of the family.

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Pekingese Breeders West Bay Pekingese - FLORIDA (United States) 

Breeders of Pekingese puppies in Panama City Beach. Companions and show prospects.

Pekingese Breeders Lon-Du Pekingese - IOWA (United States) 

Breeders of champion Pekingese dogs in Monticello.

Pekingese Breeders Bonzai Pekinese - KANSAS (United States) 

Quality pekingese bred for outstanding beauty, health and temperament. Show quality males available to the right show homes. Located in Kansas City area.

Pekingese Breeders Quidnung Kennel - MISSOURI (United States) 

Breeders of Pekingese and Bulldogs in Mindenmines breeding only to select top show champion bloodlines.

Pekingese Breeders Muhlin - MISSOURI (United States) 

Register of Merit Breeder of champion Pekingese dogs. Located in Wentzville.

Pekingese Breeders Katering Pekingese and Parrots - OREGON (United States) 

Breeders of champion Pekinese in Oregon City producing national and international award winning Pekingese dogs.


Pekingese breed


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