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How to care for older dogs and cats
Learn why older dogs need special care

Dogs mature at different rates. As a rule, large-breed dogs mature earlier than small dogs. But if your dog is age seven or older, he's probably approaching, or in, his senior years. Which may mean a change in lifestyle for him and you.

Learn about common signs of aging to help you determine if your dog is in his senior years. Older dogs have special needs and there are some practical ways of caring for and adapting to your dog's lifestyle changes.  More...

The Geriatric Cat

The last decade has shown advances in preventive medicine, improved veterinary care, balanced nutrition and responsible ownership. Therefore, our pets are, on the average, living longer, healthier lives.

Most cats are considered geriatric by the age of 12 years. This is highly variable depending upon the lifestyle of the cat. For example, neutered/spayed indoor cats tend to live longer than sexually intact outdoor cats.  More...

Older Cat Health

It's better to nip potential cat health problems in the bud, and for cats older than seven years, that means regular veterinary checkups. Catching health problems early isn't just good for the cat. It's often much easier on your checkbook to take care of a health problem before it grows. Regular checkups can add years to the life of your cat.  More...

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