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In the past, traveling pet owners had few choices concerning care for their animals while they were away. In looking for new alternatives, many have found that in-home pet care is the best choice for themselves and their pets. Each day you are away, your pet sitter will be responsible for both your pet and your home, so it is important to choose a pet sitter carefully.

It's also important to consider such issues as whether the pet sitter is bonded, has liability insurance, is willing to provide references and interacts well with your pet.  More...

National Association of Professional Dog Walkers

The large number of members in those organizations and a study of pet sitters in the U.S. and the services provided for them resulted in the formation of the NAPDW. While there are many organizations claiming to be educational and supporting services for pet sitters (dog walkers are essentially a form of pet sitters but pet sitters may not all be dog walkers), there was certainly a need for a not-for-profit style organization which would endeavor to provide mentoring to fellow dog walkers, educational services for its members and the general public and of course, marketing and promotion for the dog walking industry in the U.S. 

The association, operating as a not-for-profit, is a legally registered American business. Requests for verification may be submitted by any interested party.  More


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