Today's Pet Talk: Getting a Bulldog

Bob's Pet Talk Column
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Frank writes: I am thinking about getting a bulldog. I am at work about 8 hours a day. I would to know about getting puppy training established. Thanks if anyone knows a good book on the breed it would help thanks.

Hi Frank!

Sounds like you are asking the right questions and doing very good research before buying your dog. Owning a dog is a lifelong commitment. The more research you do before selecting and buying your dog, the happier you both will be. You should consider the total time you will be away from the puppy during the day. It’s quite possible that you are away for more than 8 hours if you add in lunch and travel time.

House training takes lots of time, patience and consistency. It is usually recommended that puppies be taken outside nearly every hour that they are awake. Your work schedule could hamper your house training and bonding with a puppy. Remember, a puppy is a baby, his capacity is small, his muscle control limited.

Please keep in mind that a puppy is like a baby and like all babies he needs lots of love and cuddling, lots of rest and sleep, lots of love and cuddling, lots of good, nourishing food and more love and cuddling. Some puppies become destructive when left alone for long periods of time during the day. Perhaps you might consider buying a dog that has already been house trained and one that will be OK if left alone for 8 hours or longer.