Yorkie from Hell

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David in New Jersey writes: My Yorkie is a troubled little fellow that loves to pee everywhere but outside. He barks at any little sound in the house (Like a footstep!). He doesn't eat dog food unless we bring it to him behind the sofa. He hates going outside. I bought 4 books on training this pup but there is no hope. Can you help me??

Bob's Pet Talk Column

Hi David, Sounds like another case of the tail wagging the dog. In any training experience it's important to establish who is the master and who is not. Firm, consistent training accompanied with large doses of patience usually works pretty well. The Yorkshire Terrier has an independent and lively spirit, which combined with its endless energy may require extra special patience when training.

If you bought your Yorkie from a reputable breeder, they should help provide you with training tips. In most cases, Reputable Breeders will take back their dogs rather than see them end up in the local dog pound. So keep this in mind as you exhaust the limits of your patience. Yorkie's are excellent watchdogs and you have to expect they will alert to the presence of intruders.

The matter of only eating behind a sofa is not normal, which may have given birth to your description of this Yorkie. Once again I would suggest you have a heart to heart talk with your little buddy and firmly convey the message as to what is acceptable and what is not. Don't pamper the little guy. Put the food where you need to. Perhaps you should consider anchoring the food bowl in case the little terrier trys to pull the bowl behind the couch by itself. I haven't known a dog yet that would starve itself to death.

One last piece of advice, if all else fails, consider psychological training for your "Yorkie from hell." Specially trained veterinarians and veterinary behavior consultants can offer guidance and support to bewildered, frustrated & outraged pet owners like yourself. Try a search on the Internet for veterinary behavior consultants and all of your problems may be solved.

Good Luck, David!