Podenco Canario

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    History & Overview

    The Podenco Canario, or Canarian Warren Hound, is a medium-size (20 to 25 inches at the shoulder) sighthound with keen nose and hearing. This breed is similar to better known the Ibizan Hound and Pharaoh Hound. Muscular, slender and hardy, the Podenco Canario is well adjusted to working in the hot summer conditions and can run all day long.


    The Podenco is found on all of the Canary Islands. Being a typical high-key hunting dog, the Podenco is used in packs to point and retrieve game, but primarily hunts rabbits.


    Courageous, energetic, and reserved with strangers, he is very loyal to his owner and makes an excellent family dog. These dogs are gentle, loyal and make wonderful pets. In temperament, they are similar to greyhounds.


    His short coat comes in a combination of white and red (from orange to mahogany).

    Video Credits: MASPACAN ferreira


    1. FCI Standard #329
    2. Denise Como – Sighthounds Afield


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