Polish Hound (Ogar Polski)

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    History & Overview

    The Polish Hound, known in his native Poland as Ogar Polski, is a medium-sized working scenthound. This is a dog of strong, compact build and solid bone structure. The breed has the reputation of a persistent and enduring tracker used for hunting large game. It has a beautiful sonorous, clear voice. Although little is known today of its exact history, its appearance and geographical location suggest a strong influence of the St. Hubert Hound as well as German hounds. The Polish Hound is valued for its great sense of smell and the ability to work any type of terrain under most unfavorable weather conditions.


    Calm and very affectionate, the Polish Hound makes an excellent companion and family pet. These dogs are used in search and rescue operations as well as therapy dogs. Never aggressive to other dogs or people, obedient and eager to please, Polish hounds can be easily trained for agility and obedience competitions. They live peacefully with other family dogs and love the company of children. The breed has a growing number of fans in many European countries, USA, and Canada.


    The double coat consists of a medium-length outercoat and a short, dense undercoat. Accepted colors include gray, dark gray and brown of various shades. The tail is set rather low and hangs below the hock, slightly drooping. According to the breed standard, the ideal height at the shoulders is between 22 and 26 inches.

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