The Poodle is a very ancient breed and has always been considered to be of French origin. The breed come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature and Toy. All over the world the Poodle is considered one of the wisest and most intelligent dogs. His affection and devotion to his family make him one the most charming and interesting companions of the canine world. They love fun and are always to jump into game. The Standard Poodle is also a great retrieving dog.

Poodles, similar to many other breeds, have a double coat that has the quality and appearance of lamb's wool. Poodles shed hair similar to other breeds, but this hair is caught and trapped by the undercoat and packs down. Poodles must be groomed regularly or the coat becomes a knotted unsightly mess. The coat of a Poodle, although requiring more grooming than most other breeds, is particularly advantageous for people with allergies. Best of all, carpets, furniture and clothes will remain hairless and odor free. There are three sizes (standard, miniature, and toy). All size are playful, energetic, affectionate and eager to please their owner.

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Standard Poodle Breed Outline

Other Names: Caniche

Country of Origin: France

Utilization: Companion Dog

FCI Classification: Group 9 - Companion & Toy Breeds. Section 2 - Poodle. Without working trial; AKC Classification: Non-Sporting Group

Size: Large (18-23 inches at the shoulders)

Colors: Poodles with curly or corded coats : black, white, brown, grey and apricot

Litter Size: 7

Life Span: 12-15 years

Grooming Requirements: Poodles require professional grooming at least every three months. A weekly brushing is also necessary to prevent mats. Regular ear cleaning, hand-stripping, nail trimming are also required. Daily teeth cleaning will prevent tartar accumulation.

Shedding: None

Personality: Poodles are extremely intelligent, loving, and playful. They do not shed and do not cause allergies. They are well tolerated by allergic people. They are pretty vocal and can be good guard dogs, but never aggressive. It is a natural watch dog with a strong sense of territory. The Poodle love exercising and thrive on attention. High-spirited and full of joie-de-vivre, he is bold and assertive, making a highly intelligent companion for all age groups.

Social skills: Usually get along with other animals very well.

Suitability for Children: Miniature and toy Poodles are less tolerant of children than standard Poodles unless introduced to them at an early age.

Exercise Needs: The Standard Poodle needs 1-2 hours walk daily. They love to swim.

Train Ability: Extremely easy to train.

Poodle health problems

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