Portuguese Pointer

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    History & Overview

    The Portuguese Pointer, called Perdigueiro Português in its native Portugal, is a medium-sized dog of affectionate, sociable and lively temperament. This breed is believed to date back to the 13th century and is thought to be the ancestor of the English Pointer.

    Today he is the most registered hunting dog among Portuguese hunters, excellent playmate for children and one of the most known and popular breeds in Portugal. In the USA Portuguese Pointer can be registered with the AKC FSS – an optional record-keeping service for all purebred breeds not currently registrable with the American Kennel Club.

    A tenacious hunter with great stamina, this pointing dog covers the ground with the perseverance of an experienced explorer. An earnest worker and a faithful companion to the hunter, he is alert and silent and works well in all climates and on all terrains.


    The Portuguese Pointer is extremely affectionate; very submissive, and can go to extremes of affection, occasionally even embarrassing. He is an ideal playmate for children and an excellent family dog. The ideal size is 20 -22 inches at shoulders.


    The coat is short, close, not very soft and dense; almost uniformly covering the body, except in the armpits, groins, perianal and genital regions where it becomes thinner and softer. On the head, especially on the leathers, where it has a velvety touch, the hair is shorter and smoother. No undercoat. The color is yellow and brown, unicolored or with white markings.

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    1. FCI-Standard # 187


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