Pot marigold

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    The Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis), has daisy-flowers in shades of pale to dark yellow, orange, and pinkish. A short-lived perennial grown as an annual, sow in the previous autumn—possibly with cloche protection—for early flowering.

    They thrive in the poorest soil and being undemanding, groups can make splendid splashes of color in the front of a border or in dry corners. Calendula officinalis “Geisha Girl” is a reddish-orange, and “Mandarin” is deep orange. Grow these with pale yellow-flowered neighbors or with scarlet roses for sunset effects.

    Plant Characteristics


    12 inches



    Light Exposure

    Full Sun

    Season of Bloom


    Hardiness Zones

    5 – 9

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    Imge Credits: byrev


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