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A hardy, sturdy squarely-built, small hound, the Beagle has a sleek, easy-care, short coat. The coat is close, hard and of medium length. The Beagle looks like a small English Foxhound. The skull is broad and slightly rounded, and the muzzle is straight and square. The feet are round and strong. The black nose has full nostrils for scenting. The long, wide ears are pendant. The brown or hazel eyes have a characteristic pleading expression. The tail is carried gaily, but never curled over the back.

Beagle Breed Outline:

Dog Group:Hound
Height:13-16 inches
Weight:18-31 lbs
Colors:Usually comes in tricolors: black, tan and white. Other hound colors are also acceptable.
Other Names:
Litter Size:5-7
Life Span:9-15 years
Personality:Lively, active, high energy, eager to please, intelligent and mischievous.

Grooming Requirements:Beagles need quick daily brushing and regular ear cleaning. They are naturally looking dogs and do not need trimming.
Social skills:Beagles get along with cats when properly socialized from puppy hood.
Suitable for Children:Patient with children of all ages.
Exercise Needs:Medium-High. Beagles require daily 60-90 minutes energetic exercise. They have a strong hunting instinct and should never be off leash unless very well trained.

Train Ability:Hard to house train, slow to learn new things, stubborn.

Health:Beagles have several serious health problems. The most common are eye and ear infections, joint and spine disorders ("slipped disk"), chronic brain disease (Meningitis), heart problems and other.

Negative Characteristics:Beagles shed a lot and have a distinctive dog odor. They can be very noisy. It is strongly recommended to buy a Beagle puppy from a reputable breeder to avoid temperament problems.

Beagle Owners Talk...
Beagle Owner Reviews 1

"...This would be the perfect dog if they didn't bark so much. Their coats are beautiful and they are extremely athletic and intelligent. I grew up with several beagle/mix and pure beagles and always founf them loyal to a fault and unbelievably smart. My favorite breed even with all the yapping. ..."  All Reviews [...]
Beagle Owner Reviews 2

"...Our family pet was a Beagle as I was growing up, and I absolutely adored that dog. He wasn't too bright, but what he lacked in brains he made up for in affection. When my husband and I decided to get a dog, I persuaded him into adopting a Beagle puppy. Our little guy is only five months old, but he already knows the basic obedience commands ..."  All Reviews [...]
Are Beagles Really Good with Kids?

"...I'd give him an A+. Our beagle has been so much fun for our only child and is always ready to play. He is gentle, and has never shown any aggressive characteristics..."  All Reviews [...]

Beagle Dogs and Puppies for Sale



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