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Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is believed to have originated in Africa and then traveled to China where it was used on ships to eradicate vermin.

Chinese Crested Dogs come in two varieties, the Hairless and the Powder Puff. The Hairless Chinese Crested dog is somewhat strange looking with its hairless body and furred head, tail and paws. Because these dogs lack hair on the majority of their body, special care needs to be taken to keep them from getting dry skin and also burning in the sun. The Hairless Chinese Crested dog may be a good choice for people who suffer from allergies, as their lack of hair can cause them to produce less dander.

These dogs are very playful and affectionate. They make excellent pets and can fit any lifestyle and environment. They get along very well with other small animals and children. They do not bark loudly or often and accordingly, they may not be suitable as watch dogs.

The Powder Puff Chinese Crested Dog variety is not found as often as the Hairless variety. These dogs often come in particolor (white with patches of gray, tan, or black). The Powder Puff has a full silky coat which is a long, soft undercoat that hangs down on both sides of the dog. Powder puffs need weekly brushing and combing.
Both photos courtesy of Unicorn Chinese Crested Dogs
Breeder of Champion Powder Puff and Hairless Chinese Crested Dogs (Florida, USA)

Chinese Crested Dog Breed Outline

Dog Group:Toy
Height:11-13 inches
Colors:All colors.
Other Names:
Litter Size:2-4
Life Span:10-14 years
Personality:Chinese Crested Dogs are very friendly and active. They require no or little exercise and prefer the indoors, which makes them a great pet for elderly people. They make good watchdogs.

Grooming Requirements:Medium-High. Even though this breed does not need professional grooming services, it's a lifetime commitment! The Powder Puff variety needs to be brushed once a week. Hairless variety requires regular massage with lotion to prevent the skin from getting too dry. Both varieties need a bath with medicated shampoo twice a month.
Shedding:Hairless Chinese Crested dogs do not shed. If you brush the powder puffs, they will not shed either.
Social skills:The Chinese Crested gets along with other cats and dogs very well.
Good with Children:Best with children older than 5.
Exercise Needs:Low. The Chinese Crested is very active indoors which makes him an ideal apartment dog.

Train Ability:They are known to be hard to house train.

Health:The most common disorders are acne, loss of teeth and claws, skin allergies, and knee dislocation.

Negative Characteristics:Chinese Cresteds can bark a lot and be hyperactive, stubborn and timid when not properly socialized from puppy hood.

Chinese Crested Owners Talk...
Chinese Crested Owner Reviews 1

"...To our best knowledge my husband and I are the first to have imported a Chinese Crested in Malta. Our climate is wonderful for them as our temperature is normally warm almost all year-round. Ours has the character of a large dog in a small, portable package. ..."  All Reviews [...]

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