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American Bobtail Cat Breed

American BobtailAmerican Bobtail is a short-tailed cat, similar to Manx, the American Bobtail should not be confused with the wild species, the American Bobcat (Lynx rufus).

The American Bobtail is a stocky, long-haired cat with an abbreviated tail. The double coat appears in two lengths: long and medium. The tail may be straight or slightly Bobtailed and is always well-haired.

If this breed were to bear a label, it would read "Made in the USA." In the 1960s, and American family named Sanders was vacationing in an Arizona motel near an Indian reservation. There they spotted a wild-looking yet friendly male kitten with an unusually short, upraised tail. Since the kitten appeared homeless, they adopted him, naming him Yodie. The new pet soon became friends with Mishi, the family Siamese, and the two animals mated before there was time to have Yodie neutered.

Some kittens from the resulting litter were black, the rest tabby; some had the short tail of their father, others the long one of their mother.

Personality The American Bobtail is described as friendly, patient, calm, watchful, intelligent, and good-natured. Because of their lack of balancing tail, these cats are not particularly fond of climbing. Vocally they are described as "a scratchy little rambling voice which makes some people ask," when will they learn how to meow?" They are said to be more doglike than other cat breed.

American Bobtail Colors All colors are acceptable in this breed. Photo Credit: SwissCat


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