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A Bulldog may be described as a big dog with a wrinkled face and short legs. Yet, surprisingly, this defiant and stubborn dog makes a very loyal, good natured family pet that loves companionship. Bulldogs are known as the natural symbol of Great Britain and the mascot of the US Marines, Yale University and the University of Georgia.
The Bulldog name is derived from the days when this dog was used in connection with bull-baiting. Todays bulldog has had most of those aggressive tendencies bred out of them.

Bulldog Breed Outline

Dog Group:Non-Sporting
Height:12-14 inches
Weight:45 lbs
Colors:Brindle, white, fawn, red, piebald.
Other Names:Bullies, English Bulldog
Litter Size:5
Life Span:8-10 years
Personality:Bulldogs are great family dogs. Peaceful, but will defend family members. Quite stubborn and difficult to train.

Grooming Requirements:Medium. Regular brushing with a rough cloth or curry brush. Clean wrinkles on face regularly.
Social skills:Bulldogs are generally good with other animals. Early socialization is recommended.
Good with Children:Bulldogs love children.
Exercise Needs:Low. Bulldogs are quite content as a coach potato.

Train Ability:Bulldogs are very stubborn and sensitive to stern discipline. They will let you know when they are ready for obedience training.

Health:Elbow and knees dislocation, metabolic liver defect. Most puppies are delivered by caesarian section and males are often unable to mate. Skin allergies.

Negative Characteristics:Very intolerant of heat. Bulldogs breathe loudly and snore.

Bulldog Owners Talk...
Bulldog Owner Reviews 1

"...Stolen our hearts. Our six-month-old Bulldog was a present. Though he's been with us a short time, it seems as though he's been part of our household forever. He looks us square in the eye and cocks his head as we attempt to hold a conversation with him..."  All Reviews [...]
Bulldog Owner Reviews 2

"...Totally out of shape dogs. It's as if they are genetically asthmatic or something. They wheeze at the slightest physical activity. They're also extremely dimwitted, so training them is sort of frustrating. But they're incredibly cute and lovable..." All Reviews [...]
Are Bulldogs Really Good with Kids?

"...Extremely well. "Tolerates the "poking-prodding" aspects of children. Hardy in size and shape, can handle the rough housing of a boy who thinks he is a great pillow. Not protective of food..." ."  All Reviews [...]

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