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Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier dogs are little bundles of energy. These dogs are very playful and high energy, making them great pets for families with children. Due to their small stature, the Cairn Terrier does not require a great deal of space. This makes the Cairn Terrier a great choice whether you live in the city or the country, as long as you can give it ample love and attention. Originally bred as a hunting dog, the Cairn Terrier will also help you exterminate the rodents from your yard.

Cairn Terrier Breed Outline

Dog Group:Terrier
Height:11-12 inches
Colors:Brindled cream, red, gray and black
Other Names:Cairn
Litter Size:4-6
Life Span:9-15 years
Personality:Cairn Terriers are independent, friendly, alert and quiet. They make good watchdogs but are not aggressive toward strangers.

Grooming Requirements:Low. Cairns should be brushed weekly and bathed only when needed. Special care must be taken of their eyes and teeth.
Social skills:Cairn Terriers must be trained at an early age not to chase cats or other animals.
Good with Children:Cairns can tolerate even rough play and love to play with children.
Exercise Needs:Medium. Cairn Terriers are high energy dogs and should be allowed to run in the yard for 40-60 minutes a day.

Train Ability:Cairn Terriers can be slow to house break. They preserved a very strong chasing instinct and will run after cats and rabbits given a smallest chance. They should never be off leashe.

Health:Patellar luxation (knee dislocation), PRA (blindness), Hemophilia (bleeding disorder)

Negative Characteristics:Cairn Terriers can be stubborn. They like to dig holes and can be aggressive toward small animals.

Cairn Terrier Owners Talk...
Cairn Terrier Owner Reviews 1

"...Our Cairn has been a great friend to my family. She's gentle with kids and forgivng during the times when they dressed her in doll clothes and all the crazy things kids do. She is older now, and slowed down quite a bit. She required eye surgery for a luxed lens which I was told is common to the breed..."  All Reviews [...]
Cairn Terrier Owner Reviews 2

"...These dogs have real character. We got him home, and after he settled in a bit, we put him to bed. To stop him wandering off and leaving little 'presents' round the house, we constructed a pen out of cardboard. Despite the fact it was much taller than him, 5 minutes later he scampered into the living room!..."  All Reviews [...]
Are Cairn Terriers Really Good with Kids?

"...I am also a pre-school teacher. I have taken her to school several times and in a class of 18 three year old children, she was very much in her element. If accidents happened (a paw was stepped on, etc.)..."  All Reviews [...]

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