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Chausie Cat Breed

Chausie Cat Breed
The Chausie is a hybrid type of cat that has wild cats as its ancestors. Not widely recognized, this breed is a cross between a domestic cat and a Jungle Cat (Felis chaus). Breeders claim that Chausies are good-natured, intelligent and make loyal pets if they are properly socialized from birth. The cat has a large athletic body and short coat. The Chausie is known to be a great hunter with a excellent ability to jump.

The overall appearance brings to mind a Middle Eastern/Asian Jungle Cat as the breed retains a strong resemblance to its ancestor. The Chausie comes in several color varieties: solid black, brown ticked tabby, and black grizzled ticked tabby (the hair shaft is banded with lighter color at the skin alternating dark and lighter bands of ticking and ending with a dark tip). The grizzled effect is the result of the use of the Jungle Cat in the development of this breed.

The Chausie inherits a tendency to a somewhat shorter tail from the Jungle Cat, but is never bobtailed or tailless. It is generally more lithe, probably due to the influence of Abyssinian


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