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Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a very beautiful dog that displays a flowing, reddish coat. The Irish Setter descends from a cross breeding of spaniels, pointers and setters. They are an extremely athletic breed and excel in hunting and field trials. The Irish Setter is a very intelligent and trainable breed.

They also present a very active and loving demeanor making them great family pets.

Irish Setter Breed Outline

Dog Group:Sporting
Height:25-27 inches
Weight:60-75 lbs
Colors:Rich chestnut, white on chest, throat, and toes
Other Names:
Litter Size:7-11
Life Span:10-14 years
Personality:Keen, intelligent, energetic, affectionate and loyal.

Grooming Requirements:The coat should be brushed to keep it free of dirt and mats, ears should be cleaned regularly.
Social skills:Irish Setters are peaceful with other animals.
Suitable for Children:Very good with children of all ages.
Exercise Needs:Medium-High. This is a high energy breed and it is not recommended for apartment life. Irish Setters need a good amounts of daily exercise or they can become, hyperactive, destructive and generally unruly.

Train Ability:Irish Setters are very trainable and eager to please, but they can be hard to house break.

Health:Hip Dysplasia, PRA (blindness), ear infections, epilepsy and skin allergies.

Negative Characteristics:Irish Setters can be destructive when left alone for a long time. It is recommended to buy an Irish Setter puppy from a reputable breeder.

Irish Setter Owners Talk...
Irish Setter Owner Reviews 1

"...Irish Setters are completely trustworthy with children, adults and other pets. They learn very quickly, but may decide to spice up repetitive drill exercises if the trainer is not on top of things...."  All Reviews [...]
Irish Setter Owner Reviews 2

"...We had one when I was growing up. Very affectionate, possessive actually. Loved to run so we got a lot of exercise. In spite of their reputation we didn't find her to be dumb. We never tried to teach her math or anything, but she could do the basics..."  All Reviews [...]

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