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Thimble Farm Coach of Stacy Lane

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Breeder of Champion Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terrier

Originally used for hunting foxes in England, the Jack Russell terrier remains today primarily a working dog. Smaller indoor pets are often seen as prey to this dog. However, this scrappy, fearless little guy can also be an excellent companion. Their fearless, assertive nature and boundless energy can be overwhelming. The Jack Russell Terrier's aggressive behavior should be understood and handled accordingly. To help with this, visit the Jack Russell Terrier Club of
America and complete their "Online Profiler" to see if you would be compatible with this feisty little fellow.

Jack Russell Terrier Breed Outline

Dog Group:Working
Height:12-14 inches
Weight:13-17 lbs
Colors:Mostly white with black/tan or brown markings.
Other Names:JRT
Litter Size:4-8
Life Span:15+ years
Personality:A perpetual motion machine. Scrappy, assertive and energetic.

Grooming Requirements:Low. JRT's come in smooth, rough and broken coats. Minimal brushing is required.
Social skills:May harass, injure or kill smaller pets, if not socialized at an early age.
Suitable for Children:Not recommended for kids under the age of 6. Doesn't tolerate "horseplay" and is very possessive of his toys.
Exercise Needs:High. Jack Russell Terriers will wear you out! Their seemingly endless energy demands an outlet in the form of exercise. For this reason they are usually not good Condo or Apartment pets.

Train Ability:Firm and consistent discipline must begin ASAP.

Health:Eye problems.

Negative Characteristics:Their hunting instincts, digging, barking and aggressive behavior may be seen as bad habits by some owners. They are always a work in progress.

Jack Russell Terrier Owners Talk...
Jack Russell Terrier Owner Reviews 1

"...From my experience so far, I would say that Jack Russell's are not the easiest dogs in the world to train, but once a few ground rules have been established they generally learn to do as expected or asked.

My JR makes a wonderful burgular alarm. Their hearing is so acute that they don't miss much. This, however, can be a bit of a downfall when they start to bark at anything going on outside..."

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Are Jack Russell Terriers Really Good with Kids?

"...Because my dogs (2 JRT's) understand and know that I'm the alpha, they don't ever show aggression in my home. They've been fantastic with kids and only show hostility/jealousy towards one another if one occupies too much of our attention..."

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"...My dog enjoys my nephew since they are the same age - 9. Our dog is not very friendly towards my own children (2 years and 10 months) since they are still 'pretty new' to him. And he was the 'baby' before they were around... I really would not recommend this dog to someone who has young children (under 5 years)..."

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Jack Russell Terrier Dogs and Puppies for Sale

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