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Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher dogs are a relatively new breed, spanning back only about 100 years ago. These dogs are very active around the home and are very brave for their small stature. Because they are attentive and equipped with a loud bark, they will serve very well for alerting their owners of approaching visitors. They can be rather quick and persistent with their bark, so owners who live in close quarters with others or find loud dogs to be unappealing would be well advised to look for another breed.

Miniature Pinscher Breed Outline:

Dog GroupToy
Height:10-12 inches
Weight:10 lbs
Colors:Solid red, black, chocolate
Other Names:Min-Pin, Minpin
Average Litter Size:4
Life Span:13-15 years
Personality:These dogs can be a bit of a handful, but if given the proper attention and training, they can also be a loving, loyal companion. Min-Pins make good watchdogs.

Grooming Requirements:Needs quick brushing every few days to remove dead hair and nail trimming.
Social skills:If properly socialized at an early age, Pinschers get along with other animals but still will chase strange animals outside their homes when given a slightest chance.
Suitable for Children:Early introduction to young children is critical. Pinching and sudden moves can lead to defensive biting.
Exercise Needs:While they are very active around the house, unlike many other smaller dogs, they require a good amount of additional outside activity.

Train Ability:Miniature Pinscher is also very strong willed and requires a great deal of attention and consistency in its training. They are notorious for being difficult to house train. This breed is very stubborn, but wants to please. Once they learn something, it is in their mind forever. They make great obedience and agility dogs. Because of their high energy, they do not get worn out like some other Toy breeds.

Health:Pinschers love to run and play around children which very often results in legs injuries. Doslocation of knees and eye problems are quite common.

Negative Characteristics:Pinschers can bark excessively and be overly suspicious toward strangers. They have strong chasing instincts and will chase small animals and run away when off leash. They can be destructive if not given enough exercise.

Miniature Pinscher Owners Talk...
Miniature Pinscher Owner Reviews 1

"...I love my Min Pin. She is very smart and learned "sit" in about 30 minutes. She knows a lot of commands. I would advise anyone thinking of getting one to know they need A LOT of time, attention, and love. This is not a dog to lock in a room for hours on end, and they are quite the escape artists..."  All Reviews [...]
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