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Ragdoll cats are a very docile and lovable breed that love to cuddle in your lap or arms much like the Raggedy Ann Ragdolls. They are a relatively large breed of cat, but are also among the most gentle and affectionate. The Ragdoll has medium length fur that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The Ragdoll is very non-aggressive, making them an excellent choice for families with small children or who enjoy a pet that is not overly active. They are a very intelligent and trainable breed and will take all the affection that their owner can pour at them.

Ragdoll Breed Outline

Breed Classification:Semi-Longhaired
Colors:Their silky coat comes in four colors-chocolate, lilac, seal and blue. Kittens are born white and develop their color over two years.
Other Names:
Litter Size:5
Life Span:10-12 Years
Personality:Possibly the most relaxed of all the domestic cat breeds. They make loyal and devoted pets. Must be kept indooors because they lack the instinct to defend themselves.

Grooming Requirements:Brush and comb once or twice a week. Ragdoll coats do not mat.
Social skills:Easy to introduce into a multi-pet household.
Good with Children:Their sweet, passive nature makes them vulnerable to aggressive children.
Energy Level:Medium. Ragdolls will shadow your movements within the house and love to play with toys.

Noisiness:Not extremely vocal.

Health:No breed specific health problems.
Shedding:Moderate, rarely has hairballs.

Cause Allergies:None

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