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Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier originated in the Scottish Highlands. It is a small, wiry haired dog and a bit bigger than your usual Toy breed dog. Scottie is always alert and wary of strangers by nature which makes him a good watchdog. Ever alert, they will watch everything that is going on, and of course want to take part. By nature they are a happy, easy going that loves nothing better than accompanying their owners anywhere. Scotties are energetic and inquisitive, and this innate curiosity means they will investigate everything.

Scottish Terrier Breed Outline

Dog Group:Terrier
Height:10-11 inches
Colors:Black, wheaten, or brindle of any color
Other Names:Scottie
Litter Size:4-5
Life Span:9-15 years
Personality:Independent, quiet, cheerful, extremely devoted to its family, courageous and highly intelligent.

Grooming Requirements:Medium-High. This dog definitely needs two to three brushing sessions a week. They require professional trimming 3-4 times a year, but shed little.
Social skills:Scotties get along with other animals. However, they have a pretty strong hunting instinct and may chase cats.
Suitable for Children:The Scottish Terrier is not recommended for those people with small children because they are very protective of themselves and will bite if provoked.
Exercise Needs:Low. 20-30 minutes of daily exercise. Be conscious enough to walk your dog with it's leash on at all times.

Train Ability:One of the more difficult dogs to train, the Scottish Terrier is very independent, but with enough love and care you will be able to train your dog effectively. Terriers are very sensitive to "hard correction" and may snap and bite.

Health:This is a very hardy breed. Deafness and cancer may occur in older dogs.

Negative Characteristics:Stubbornness, aggression toward dogs of the same sex and other animals.

Scottish Terrier Owners Talk...
Scottish Terrier Owner Reviews 1

"...I have a little Scottie that has personality and then some. Although he is generally a quiet dog, he will always let us know what he wants by "talking." He is also very good at staying home by himself ­p; we've never come home to anything ripped apart. This is mostly due to the ample toys that he has..."  All Reviews [...]
Scottish Terrier Owner Reviews 2

"...We have had Daisy for 13 years and she is the sweetest and most loyal pet we have ever had. She loves each one in the family and stays with us wherever we are..."  All Reviews [...]

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