Protein-losing Nephropathy

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    What Is Protein-losing Nephropathy?

    Protein-losing nephropathy refers to any kidney disease that results in excessive protein loss in the urine. Such conditions include glomerulonephritis, inherited glomerulopathy, and amyloidosis.

    Susceptible Dog Breeds

    Protein-losing nephropathy is common in the:

    Signs & Symptoms

    Affected dogs often have diarrhea, vomiting and intense itching. One of the first signs is increased urination and drinking. Excess protein in the urine may be picked up by a urine test. Dogs with this condition may have skin problems, which may otherwise be diagnosed as allergies. Blood clots form in some dogs.

    A protein‐losing enteropathy syndrome associated with pathologic dilation of lymph vessels has been recently reported in Yorkshire Terrier dogs. Clinical signs vary greatly and include diarrhea, vomiting, muscle tremors and seizures because of low calcium and magnesium levels, severe low total protein, low serum vitamin D concentration.7


    Treatment is aimed at controlling the kidney failure. Affected Wheatens should be placed on a gluten-free diet with a protein source from fish, venison or other protein sources not common in dog food. Some Wheatens show sensitivity to chicken.

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