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    The Rainbowfish are a group of small (3 – 15 cm in length) freshwater species common in tropical waters of Australia and Madagascar. The group is recognized by a pointed and flattened snout, large scales and the two closely set dorsal fins. These fishes become more brightly colored at spawning time, with males much more colorful than females.

    As Pets

    Rainbowfish are perfect companions to many kinds of cichlids. As a group, they are easily fed and highly adaptable to a wide range of pH and water hardness. As an added bonus, Rainbowfish prefer the upper reaches of the water column, thus providing activity to a portion of aquarium normally shunned by cichlids.

    Rainbowfish are active fish and require bright lighting and clear water. Dense vegetation and a great deal of swimming space should be provided. Recommended plants are Vallisneria, Bolbitis, Cratopteris, and Aponogeton. Cushions of Java moss are an ideal site for the red Rainbowfish. They are sensitive to a pH below 7. The ideal temperature is 75°F, plus or minus 3°F.

    Video Credits: Aquarium Co-Op
    Image Credits: Dirk Godlinski, WikiMedia


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