Russian Stonecrop

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    The Russian Stonecrop (Sedum kamtschaticum), also known as the Kamchatka Stonecrop, is a 2 to 4 inch trailer with yellow star-like flowers that appear in May, complementing its light green leaves.

    There is a good deal of variability in the species. Plants spread weel if provided good drainage and full sun, and although too tall and open for a ground cover, are excellent for hillsides and banks.

    A tangled mass of stems occurs in the summer, and after flowering, small rosettes of leaves appear at the base of the plant which are next year foliage. Most of the rest of the plant dies away by late fall. Available cultivars: “Diffusum,” “Takahira Dake,” “Variegatum,” and “Weihenstephaner Gold.”

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    Image Credits: Stan Shebs, WikiMedia


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