Schiller Hound

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    History & Overview

    The Schiller Hound, known in his native Sweden as Schillerstövare, is a medium-sized hound which was created by a Swedish landowner, hunter, painter and canine enthusiast Per Schiller. He lived in Stenungsund, part of the Bohuslän area in southern Sweden. Being a passionate hunter, he needed a versatile working dog. His ambition was to create an aristocratic dog with a lively temperament, strong feet and excellent nose that could easily work on difficult terrain.

    By crossing local Swedish hounds with scenthounds from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Great Britain (probably harrier), he was able to produce one of the fastest Swedish breeds which can work in deep snow hunting hares and foxes.

    In 1886, Sweden’s first national dog show was held in Stockholm. Per Schiller entered two of his homebred dogs, “Tamburini” and “Ralla.” They are considered to be the ancestors of the present Schillerstövares. The Schillerstövare was recognised by the Swedish Kennel Club in 1907.

    The Schiller Hound works alone with his master, not in a pack. This is still a rare breed in the rest of the world. Swedish breeders do not want to sell their dogs abroad, and if they do, they want to be sure the puppy will be used for hunting.


    The Schiller Hound is an athletic, muscular, and noble-looking dog which gives an impression of speed and strength. The harsh coat lies very close to the body. The color is tan with a well defined black mantle that covers back and sides of the neck, down to sides of the trunk and on the upper side of the tail. Some dogs have slight white markings on chest and toes. According to the breed standard, the ideal height at the shoulders is between 21 and 22.5 inches.

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