Sealyham Terrier

The Sealyham Terrier was bred in Wales in the 19th century to hunt badgers and rats. The Sealyham is a small dog and makes an ideal companion. He adapts well to both city and country living. He is playful, eager to please, and sociable and also makes an excellent watchdog.

The weather-resistant double coat consists of a dense, soft underlayer and a hard, wiry topcoat. Coat color is white with lemon, tan or badger markings on the head and ears. The tail is customarily docked. The docked tail is of medium length, thick with a rounded tip, set in line with back and carried erect. The undocked tail is thick at root and tapering towards tip, carried erect, but not excessively over the back, and with no curl or twist.

Sealyham Terrier

The Sealy is a busy dog who is always on his toes watching for squirrels and rabbits, greeting his master and guarding his property. Whatever the job, he is quick and energetic. Although he is below the knee in size, he is a masculine dog who never shows any signs of shyness or timidity. If you are looking for sedantary dog, this is not a breed for you.

The Sealy will adjust to children, but children must understand his independent nature and his need for space and dignity. This is a diginified dog who does not like to be teased.

The Sealyham is a no-nonsense dog. He will not stand in the yard and bark for hours as some dogs do, but, if he hears a noise he will alert his owner.

Sealyham terriers, like most other breeds, have some health problems of which you should be aware and deafness is one of them. Skin allergies can occur in many breeds but are more common in light-colored breeds. Potential eye problems in Sealy are glaucoma, glaucoma, lens luxation, and retinal dysplasia.

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