Istrian Sheepdog Dog Breed, Karst Sheepdog, Krasky Ovcar

Istrian Sheepdog, Karst Sheepdog

Photo credit: Kraški Ovcar

The Istrian Sheepdog, also known as Karst Sheepdog and Krasky Ovcar, originated in former Yugoslavia around 1600s and was first used for guarding flocks. The iron-gray color of this medium-sized dog (20-24 inches at shoulder), offset by darker shadings, is quite striking. The coat itself is dense and harsh, offering good protection against the elements.Originating in Karst, in the north of the former Yugoslavia, this flock guardian is related to the Illyrian Sheepdog. Although now scarce in its homeland, international interest in this loyal and reserved breed started to develop in the late 1970s.