Siamese Cat Breed

It is unknown when the Siamese cat type originated. Some feline authorities maintain that this type was developed by crossing the original Egyptian cats and wild cats native to Eastern countries. Others believ that the Siamese cats are the result of natural mutations. All we know is that the Siamese, Korat and Burmese were known in Thailand, formerly Siam, several hundred years before these cats were introduced to Europe.

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Siamese - A Breed Apart

As a separate class of cats, the Siamese was first shown in the late 19th century at the first domestic and foreign cats show in Britain. At that time, they were referred to as "Siamese Temple Cats". These cats were not like the Siamese cats of today. They were stockier in build and remain so to this day in their homeland.

Legend has it that the dark areas on the neck of the Siamese are the shadow from a time in the past when a god picked up one of these cats. Another legend surrounding the Siamese of Thailand is that the tail kink, which remains common in the Siamese cats, was placed there in order that when the princesses of the monarch were bathing, they would have somewhere on which to hang their rings.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the Siamese became very popular in the United States and and the Siamese Club was created in 1909.

The Character of Siamese Cat - These cats are famous for being almost dog like, very affectionate and intelligent. The Siames has a wide range of sounds and is pretty vocal. So, this breed is only suitable for those cat lovers who do not mind its constant talking! She also accepts lead training more willingly than other cat breeds.

The Siamese, especially when young, has the reputation of being able to amuse itself in many, many ways and is very athletic.

How do you select a good quality Siamese cat? Do your homework. Visit shows, talk to established exhibitors. When you visit the breeder, take a good look at the parents and also at the living conditions. The more Siamese you see, the more qualified decision you will make.

Which sex to purchase? - From the view point of pet suitability, there really is no difference between a tom (male) and a queen(female). Some people find that male Siamese cats are more consistent in their attitude, being the same affectionate, people cat all days. A cat's personality may change as it grows, too. But the way they are treated is very important for developing their character.

Photo courtesy of Crystabel Cattery

Cat and Kitten Calendars

Cat & Kitten Calendars

Cat & Kitten Calendars

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