Singapura Cat

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    History & Overview

    This rare breed hails from Singapore, the tiny prosperous island republic and port city located at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. In the city’s streets, the Singapura roams wild, sometimes seeking shelter in drains and sewers, where it hides during the day, before emerging at night to feed on restaurant throwaways.

    The rise of the Singapura breed from its lowly origins has been remarkably swift. In 1974, an American couple, Hal Meadows and his wife, Tommy, found 3 cats in the streets of Singapore, and 14 years later the breed entered the championship show ring.


    Singapuras are intelligent, loving, people-oriented cats. From kittenhood to old age, they retain their playful nature and delight in toys and games. They are quite at home in the company of strangers and at parties, where they look for a welcoming lap to sit on, a bit of a pest, sometimes, but a lovable one.


    The perfectly proportioned Singapura cat is small to medium in size, with an average adult weighing only about 6.5 pounds. In contrast to the dainty body, the ears and eyes are strikingly large, as might be expected in an animal whose senses must be keen for nocturnal foraging.

    The preferred eye colors essential for the show-class Singapura are hazel, green, or yellow. The silky, short, and close-lying coat has an old or yellowed ivory background color with dark brown ticking. The coat texture is fine, not plush or springy. The coat is longest at the spine where the ticking is most intense.

    Only one color is accepted: Sepia Agouti which is sometimes called Brown Ticked.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel


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