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    History & Overview

    The Sloughi or Arabian Greyhound dates back perhaps 7000 to 8000 B.C. This breed comes from Asia where it was often presented as a tribute to the Pharaohs of Nubia. He is believed to be the world’s oldest breed and the ancestor to many sighthounds, including the Greyhound.

    Graceful, keen-sighted and hardy, this noble hunting companion of the North Africa’s Bedouins was used for hunting gazelle and small game. Strong males were sometimes sent after jackals to protect the cattle. The Sloughi was a true member of the tribesman’s family. He slept next to his master, was protected from the cold by blankets, was decorated with necklaces and given the best food.


    Today, most Sloughis are kept as pets, watch and guard dogs. As guard dogs, they are quite reliable and should not be taken lightly by intruders or attackers. As a watchdog, the Sloughi is not prone to nuisance barking, unlike other hounds.


    Although noble and haughty, they become very attached to their family and changing homes can be very traumatic to them. They love to dig holes to sleep in – they would have done this in the desert to keep cool.

    When it comes to training, they respond best to positive reinforcement and are very sensitive to the tone of voice. Sloughis need to be well socialized as puppies. Insufficient socialization can lead to the Sloughi being shy and nervous.


    The Sloughi comes only in a short-haired variety. Sometimes it is confused with the smooth Saluki, which is a variety of the Saluki breed. They are very clean dogs and like to groom themselves in a cat-like fashion. For wet or cold weather, your Sloughi will need a coat to keep him warm and dry.

    At A Glance

    Other names:

    Arabian Sighthound, Slughi, Sloughui, the North African Gazelle Hound, Arabian Greyhound

    Country of Origin:





    FCI Classification: Group 10: Sighthounds; Short-haired Sighthounds (without working trial, racing licence)
    AKC Classification: FSS


    Medium to Large (24 – 29 inches at shoulders)


    From light sand through all possible different shades to red sand (fawn), with or without black mask, with or without black mantle, with or without black brindling, with or without black overlay.

    Litter Size:


    Life Span:

    10 – 12 years

    Grooming Requirements:

    Minimal. The short, dense, fine and very smooth coat requires only weekly brushing.




    Loyal, protective, gentle, affectionate, aloof with strangers.

    Social skills:

    Although Sloughis get along with other dogs, they still hold to their hunting instincts and see other animals as prey. If you have cats in your household, early socialization is a must.

    Suitability for Children:

    Most Sloughis are very fond of children and are very patient with them.

    Exercise Needs:

    Sloughis are high energy dogs and need to be daily exercised for at least 2 hours. He would appreciate variety: walking on the leash, romping in the countryside, and racing.

    Train Ability:

    They are always willing to learn new things. Very sensitive to harsh treatment.

    Health & Behavioral Issues:

    There have been identified a few cases of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).

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