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Chinchillas are peaceful, small rodents that do not disturb anyone. Their dense fur, long whiskers, and long bushy tail are distinctive. When threatened or pursued, they rely on their agility, their teeth, and their ability to shed patches of fur. When frightened or captured, they tend to give a pungent odor similar to that of scorched almonds. In addition, females have a further defense mechanism--they stand up on their hind legs and, lightening fast, excrete urine at a presumed attacker. Chinchillas are not aggressive by nature. They will use their teeth only when handled, touched, or held clumsily. They do not like to be petted without being firmly restrained. Chinchillas need a daily bath, a sand bath. Like most rodents, Chinchillas are nocturnal (active at night animals). These are very clean animals. When kept under proper conditions, they do not emit any offensive odor.


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