Guinea Pigs

  • Guinea Pig Breeds
    A very cool fact about domestic guinea pigs is that there are 13 breeds from which to choose. Breeds differ in body structure, color, and coat, so there's a guinea pig to please everyone.
  • Litter Box training
    In the wild, the guinea pig does not foul her burrow but relieves herself elsewhere. This makes the guinea pig receptive to litter box training, though it's not a guarantee that your guinea pig will accept it.
  • Guinea Pig Common Diseases
    At times, the usually healthy guinea pig fall ill. How will you know if your guinea pig is sick? By close attention. Learn how to recognize common guinea pig diseases such as malocclusion, diarrhea, constipation, internal parasites (tapeworms and roundworms), external parasites (fleas, mites, lice, and flies), bumblefoot, respiratory infections and other ailments.
  • Vitamin D Toxicity

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