Snowshoe Cat

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    History & Overview

    The Snowshoe is a recent American short-hair breed with white “snowshoe” feet, created by crossing a Siamese with a bi-colored American Shorthair. When it first appeared, it was rumored that the Snowshoe was merely a short-haired version of the Birman, the Sacred Cat of Burma, but it is not true. These two white-footed breeds have completely different, separate origins. Despite this, the Snowshoe has sometimes been incorrectly referred to as the “Short-haired Birman.”


    The Snowshoe has inherited the passive personality and a gentle and friendly nature from its ancestors. It is a lively creature and a good hunter, affectionate and faithful, and also fond of the company of humans.


    The Snowshoe blends the grace, elegance, and refinement of the Siamese, with the muscularity and coordination of the Shorthair. They are a medium-to-large cat that combines the heftiness of its American Shorthair ancestors with the length of its oriental ancestors. It gives the appearance of great power and agility. The unique combination of the pointed pattern, the white spotting and the moderate body type sets the Snowshoe apart.

    Colors Recognized by CFA

    The white face and feet can be combined with any of the Siamese point patterns, although some organizations only recognize Seal and White Point and Blue and White Point. Because of the maximum contrast it affords, the Seal and White Point can be considered as the key pattern for combining with the white patches.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel
    Image Credits: Ava7


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