Southern Rough-winged Swallow

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    The Southern Rough-winged Swallow (Stelgidopteryx ruficollis) is medium-sized (5 in.) swallow with a slightly notched tail. This swallow is easily recognized by the characteristic cinnamon-buff throat, triangular wings, whitish rump, and pale lower underparts.

    Distribution & Habitat

    Swallows are a highly aerial species seen almost worldwide. They often occur in large flocks, circling in the air while catching insects. The species is widespread in Northern Argentina, West of the Andes, South to Southwest Peru. It is commonly seen throughout the lowlands and foothills. It generally doesn’t fly very high above the ground.

    Nesting Behaviour

    The Southern Rough-winged Swallow nests in holes, in banks in loose colonies, typically along rivers. Nests are composed of dry grass, weed stems, leaves, and little pods. The birds themselves do the digging, carrying off each mouthful and spitting it out so far that it could not possibly lead some predator to the nest. The nests are dug so that there is a several-foot stretch of wall above and below the entrance to the nest.

    Conservation Status:

    IUCN Red List: Least Concern (LC)

    Video Credits: Thiago Zanetti
    Image Credits: Charles J Sharp, WikiMedia


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