Sabueso Español (Spanish Scenthound)

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    History & Overview

    The Spanish Scenthound, or Sabueso español, as it is called in its native Spain, is a medium-sized scenthound usually used for hunting small game. The Sabueso español is a great specialist in hunting the hare with his doubling habit, and he is also most efficient in blood tracking (searching of the big wounded game).


    This breed is described as an affectionate and calm dog which, when out hunting big game, shows extraordinary courage and bravery.


    The body is rectangular, very strong and robust. The neck is broad and strong, muscled and supple with thick and very loose skin, which forms, without exaggeration, a marked and loose dewlap. The eyes are medium, almond shape, hazel color, dark; with a sad, noble and intelligent expression.

    The ideal height is 19 – 22.5 inches at shoulders. Females are noticeably smaller and finer. The coat is dense, short, fine and smooth (flat), covering the whole of the body down to the interdigital spaces. The skin is very elastic, thick and pink in color, loose all over the body; occasionally, it forms wrinkles on the forehead when the head is lowered. White and orange color, with the dominance of one or the other color and distributed in irregular markings, well defined and without ticking. The orange color may vary from a lighter shade (lemon) to an intense russet-brown.

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    • FCI-Standard # 204


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