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Spanish Water Dog for Sale

Although The Spanish Water Dog, or Perro de Agua Español, is an ancient breed that traces back many centuries, it was first officially recognized in Spain in early 1980s. It is believed that it was introduced by the Turks who traded in sheep and used them as sheepdogs. In Spain it is often called the 'Andalusian Turk', or Turcos Andaluces. Spanish Water Dog's coat is corded and is kept in its natural state. They are good family dogs and are natural guard dogs.

Spanish Water Dog Puppies Estrellana - Lincolnshire (United Kingdom) 

A Kennel Club accredited breeder of Spanish Water Dog with the goal to produce quality puppies that are typical of breed, displaying the characteristic working attributes of their ancestors from Spain. The breeding program combines the best of the lines from Southern Spain with those from the north. Puppies will occasionally be available but will be sold first and foremost as family pets.

Spanish Water Dog Puppies Del Bolanio Kennels - Malaga (Spain) 

Breeder of quality Spanish Water Dog in Cortes de la Frontera with the goal to give the best quality of life to the dogs and puppies born in the kennel. Puppies are available.

Spanish Water Dog Puppies De Fabio Kennel - Utah (United States) 

Breeder of Spanish Water Dog in Alpine. All of the Spanish Water Dogs in the breeding program are Spanish bred and have been chosen for their working drive and strong conformational features.



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