Spinone Italiano (Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog)

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    History & Overview

    The Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog, known in his native Italy as Spinone Italiano, is an old breed of pointing dogs. The breed was particularly popular with royalty across Europe in the 14th through 16 centuries. Translated from Italian, “Spinone” means “very prickly,” which could refer either to the quality and texture of its coat or to the type of ground these dogs work so efficiently. These dogs can work almost all terrains. Being natural retrievers, they need very little formal training.


    The Spinone’s temperament is described as sociable, docile and patient. This is a dog of gentle and sensitive nature which should not be kept entirely as a utility dog. He thrives on human companionship and loves the company of children, especially those who treat him with respect.


    The Spinone is a robust, vigorous and muscular dog of remarkable endurance. His powerful build almost fits into a square. The rough coat is about 4 to 6 cm long; it is shorter on the muzzle, the head, the ears, the front sides of the legs and the feet. A beard, moustache, and tufts of stiff hair over the eyebrows complete his distinctive rugged appearance. There is no undercoat. Accepted colors include pure white, white with orange markings, white speckled with orange, white with brown (chestnut) markings, and roan or brown roan (chestnut). According to the breed standard, the ideal height at the shoulders should be between 58 and 70 cm.

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