Sodium Caseinate

Sodium Caseinate (nutrose) is a milk protein. This tasteless, odorless, water-soluble white powder is used as food additive, pharmaceutical aid, emulsifier and stabilizer. Sodium caseinate is prepared by evaporating casein dissolved in sodium hydroxide.

Caseinates are very good fat emulcifiers and are widely used in emulsifying applications in food. Caseins are rich in amino acid lysine and and so make excellent nutritional supplements for cereals, milk biscuits, protein-enriched bread and cookies as a nutritional supplement and to frozen baked cakes and cookies as an emulsifier and to improve texture.

Sodium caseinate in powdered coffee creamers acts as an emulsifier/fat encapsulator and whitener; it imparts body and flavor and promotes resistance to feathering (coagulation of cream in hot coffee).

Sodium caseinate is used to increase gel firmness in yogurts and is added to milk shakes and whipped toppings.