Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex originated in England where it was used as a field dog. He is a happy and willing worker. One of the oldest of the Spaniel family, the Sussex as we know him today goes back to the middle of the 19th century to the English County of Sussex, from which he gets his name. In those days he was used for rough shooting, when game was in great abundance and when hunting on foot was the custom, for he is rather slow and patient. If not used for hunting, he will find his own quarry: neighborhood birds, insects, butterflies.

The Sussex spaniel is a good house pet and does well with children. He is calm, can be stubborn and is usually friendly with strangers. Some may bark and howl excessively. These spaniels can adjust to city life as long as they are given enough exercise.

Sussex SpanielPhoto courtesy of Quarr Spaniels

Like all spaniels, these dogs are completely devoted to their family, have no "doggy" odor, which adds to his attractiveness as a house pet.

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