Thai Cat (Traditional Siamese)

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    The Thai cat is another name for Traditional Siamese or Apple Heads or Opals. The Traditional Siamese is still popular among those people who seek a cat less extreme in type than those approved today by show judges. A unique feature of this breed is a very short coat. It is a very well balanced cat both in shape and character. Like all Siamese cats, Thai cats have deep blue luminous eyes.


    The indigenous Thai Siamese cats are small and nicely rounded, but they lack the features of exhibition Siamese cats found elsewhere in the world. Some people believe that the Thai Siamese cats are structurally much better cats and do not have the excesses of the modern show breeding, although kinked tails and white toes are accepted and common.

    In Thailand, the Siamese cats come in one shade only: seal point. The chocolate, lilac and blue points are absent in Thailand. Also absent is the extreme, rasping voice of the Siamese cat. Thai Siamese has a slightly harsh voice but without a scratchy note.

    The Thai cat has a rounder, heavier body type, and is a larger cat overall. This look has its devoted followers, and fans of this breed claim that it is truer to what the original Siamese looked like before breeders began selectively breeding for more refined characteristics and ultimately altering the body type.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel
    Image Credits: Jack Russell Photography


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