The Responsible Breeder Checklist

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    13 Points To Consider Before Purchasing From A Breeder

    Here are 13 points to consider before deciding which breeder to buy your puppies from. This list of course is not exhaustive but rather, what we would consider as bare minimum to identify the responsible breeders.

    1. Provides a written contract of sale with a health guarantee and written instructions on feeding, training, grooming and care.
    2. Provides access to the mother (dam) who should be on-site and exhibit a healthy, happy temperament.
    3. Does not sell puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old or in some cases older.
    4. Shows you where the puppies are kept. This area should be immaculate.
    5. Provides you with a record of the dates and types of vaccinations and de-worming done, feeding instructions, a pedigree, and a “blue slip” to apply for registration of the puppy in your name with the AKC.
    6. Can prove he has performed pre-breeding health checks on the parents.
    7. Offers a return-buy back policy and makes it clear that his/her responsibility continues as long as the dog is alive. They should be available for advice whenever needed and help you over many rough spots.
    8. Abides by code of ethics, typically by belonging to a breed club or association.
    9. Is very knowledgeable about the breed he or she is selling.
    10. Requires or encourages the neutering of all pet-quality dogs.
    11. Sells puppies only to approved buyers and never sells to brokers, puppy mills, or pet stores.
    12. Can discuss socialization of the puppies and can make recommendations for their continued socialization and training.
    13. Usually breeds no more than two breeds.
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