Tiger Flower

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    The Tiger Flower (Tigridia pavonia) is a summer-flowering bulb with sword-shaped, pleated, erect leaves near stem base. The plant grows up to 18 inches high and 4 – 6 inches wide. The Aztecs once prized it for the chestnut flavor of their corms.

    The flowers have three lower floral parts alternating with three much smaller petals, all with a spotted cup at the centre. They last only one day but continue blooming for some time, with several flowers being produced from the same stalk.

    Tigridia pavonia comes in dark pink, scarlet, orange, or yellow. It needs sun, well-drained soil, with plenty of water in summer. The Tiger flower can be propagated from seeds in spring.

    • Other names: Peacock flower, Mexican shellflower
    • Family: Iridaceae (Iris family)
    • Native to: Mexico
    Video Credits: Plant Reviews UK
    Image Credits: Citron, WikiMedia


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