Volpino Italiano

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    History & Overview

    The Volpino Italiano, also known as Italian Spitz and Italian Volpino, has been known for more than two thousand years. There are pictures of these small white dogs in early Roman art. In Italy, he has been used as a guard and watchdogs for centuries. Volpino was the favorite with the royal family, especially with the women.

    He was the dog of Michelangelo, and, in the 18th century, the tireless companion of the carters of Tuscany and Latium, always ready to announce noisily any strange persons met on the roads. It differs only slightly from the Pomeranian: the Volpino has a larger head with larger eyes, and its coat is either white or red, while the Pomeranian may also be gray, black, or orange.


    This is a great family dog with a gentle and playful temperament which gets very attached to his humans. The Italian Volpino comes in two color variety: white and red (very rare). Hardy and robust, the Volpino enjoys remarkable longevity.


    The coat consists of long, harsh, stiff hair giving the impression of being wrapped up in a muff, particularly on the neck where it forms an abundant collar. The head is covered with semi-long hair which hides the base of the ears. On the ears, the hair is very fine and smooth. The tail is covered with very long hair. According to the breed standard, the ideal height at the shoulders is between 10 and 12 inches, and his weight should not exceed 9 pounds.

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    1. FCI-Standard # 195


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