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    Weigelas are decorative and easily grown shrubs. The Cardinal Shrub cultivar has a rich rose-red flower and is probably the showiest of all the Weigelas. One of the best, Weigela florida “Foliis Purpureis” , has purplish leaves and pale pink flowers and remains quite compact.

    Another Weigela, Weigela ‘Florida Variegata’ of gardens, has green leaves margined with cream and delicately pale flushed pink flowers. Weigela florida “Alba” is white. The Weigelas have few problems except that the oldest wood should continuously be removed to force the wood each year on which the new shoots will flower.

    Plant Characteristics


    6 ft high, 4 – 5 ft wide



    Light Exposure

    Full Sun

    Season of Bloom

    Late Spring

    Hardiness Zone

    5 – 9

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    Image Credits: manfredrichter


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