Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel originated in Wales more than 400 years ago. This is a medium-sized dog with a distinctive red and white coat and the ability to "start" or "spring" the game. A very keen sporting dog with a superior nose and ability to withstand extremes of heat and cold better than most dogs, he has been known primarily in Wales and the west of England. Today, the Welsh Springer is often mistaken for a Brittany or an English Springer Spaniel. He is generally smaller and slighter in build than the English Springer spaniel.

Considered a rare breed in the United States, these flushing dogs are versatile hunters that excel both in water and on land. They are very hardy dogs and are able to cover all kinds of terrains and can work all day long. Having good bird sense, Welsh Springers are natural retrievers.

Very loyal and devoted family member, the Welsh Springer spaniel is not a one-person dog, but is devoted to the entire family. Most Welsh Springers make excellent watchdogs and are very alert to strange noises.

The Welshy is a beautiful dog with a straight or flat, naturally oily, silky outercoat of medium length and a short, downy innercoat. According to the breed standard, wiry, wavy or curly coat is undesirable. Forelegs and hindlegs above hocks are moderately feathered, ears and tail are lightly feathered. The tail is customarily docked or undocked.

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