Welsh Terrier

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    The Welsh Terrier is an affectionate, obedient and easily controlled dog. Happy and volatile, rarely of shy nature, he is game and fearless but definitely not aggressive although at all times able to hold his own when necessary. He is easily distracted and intensely focused at the same time, which is, after all, how the earthdogs should function. Take your eye off the target (be it fox, rat or badger), and you’ve lost the game!


    These terriers are definitely not ones to obey a command that they are demonstrated over and over again. This behavior is sometimes mistaken for stubbornness. Being a sensible dog, the Welsh terrier sees nothing to be gained by pointless repetition. The breed is intelligent, and everyone knows, it isn’t easy to cope with intelligence.

    Welsh Terriers & Children

    The Welsh Terrier is very good with slightly older children. He is ready to obey them and ready for almost any game they want to play. However, a Welsh puppy is not a suitable new pet to consider for families with babies or children under the age of five years. The puppy will treat these children as littermates, and if you’ve ever watched a litter of pups in action, you know that needle-sharp puppy teeth are invariably involved in play. Small children who have never had a puppy will never be able to understand.


    The Welsh Terrier’s ideal size is 15.5 inches at shoulders. The tail can be docked or undocked. The docked tail is well set on, carried erect but not curved over the back. The undocked tail is carried erect but not curved over the back and is in overall balance with the rest of the dog. The feet are small, round and cat-like. The coat is wiry, hard, very close and abundant. The color is black and tan, or black grizzle and tan, free from black pencilling on toes.

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