Western Tanager

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    The male Western Tanager (Piranga ludoviciana) is bright yellow, with a red head and black on the upper back, wings, and tail (no red on nonbreeder). Female is greenish above and yellowish below (only female tanager with wingbars).


    The song of the Western Tanager is much the same as that of the Scarlet Tanager—a series of short phrases separated by pauses. Its call is two- or three-syllabled—pit-ic, pit-it-ic.


    Tanagers are mainly insect eaters, though they do take some buds and fruits.

    Nesting Behaviour

    They nest mostly in the mountains, in firs and pines, often at high elevations. Like other Tanagers, they lay three to five eggs. The female alone incubates, but both parents share the care and feeding of the nestlings.


    During migration, flocks of Western Tanagers pass through valleys, plains, and foothills.

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