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Yorkshire Terrier for Sale

Much of the appeal of the Yorkshire Terrier lies in its diminutive size, and it has a surprisingly small appetite. This can be a source of alarm to the novice owner who finds that his puppy eats no more than a large tablespoonful of food for each meal. Therefore, the food must be as wholesome as possible. Include the best ingredients possible in the diet of a growing puppy.


Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Pinkerton - (Hungary) 

A kennel breeding champion Yorkshire Terriers. Located in Budapest. Lots of pictures of beautiful Yorkies.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Devils of York - (Hungary) 

Breeder of champion Yorkshire Terriers in Budapest.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Von Christensen - (Argentina) 

Breeder and exhibitor of Yorkshire Terriers in Buenos Aires.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Crystal Water's Kennel - BRITISH COLUMBIA (Canada) 

A kennel breeding Yorkshire Terriers for show potential and loving companions. Located in Salmon Arm.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Roby Yorkshire Terriers - DELAWARE (United States) 

Breeder of traditional Yorkshire Terriers whose goal is to produce healthy and well socialized puppies. Located in Millsboro.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies YorkiePark - FLORIDA (United States) 

Yorkshire Terrier puppies and adult dogs for sale. Champion bloodlines. Located in Palm Coast, Florida (Daytona Beach Area).

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Sagebrooke Yorkshire Terriers - IOWA (United States) 

Hobby show breeder of Yorkshire Terrier and professional groomer in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Jon-An's Yorkies. - LOUISIANA (United States) 

Breeder of beautiful Yorkshire Terriers in New Orleans. Lots of pictures of Yorkies. The website has a Spanish version.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Goldenray Yorkies - OHIO (United States) 

Breeding Yorkies only for the betterment of the breed. Where reputation matters, and honesty, fairness and intergrity are a personal code of ethics. Located in in Dayton, Ohio.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies JaLa's Garden Yorkies - OHIO (United States) 

AKC traditional Yorkshire Terriers from a breeder with the goal of producing healthy, happy puppies and striving to improve upon the breed with every new litter.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Gault Yorkies - ONTARIO (Canada) 

CKC Registered Yorkshire Terriers and Miniature Schnauzers. Located in Hamilton.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Braecliff Perm. Reg'd Yorkshire Terriers - ONTARIO (Canada) 

Breeder of multiple Canadian chamion Yorkshire Terrier dogs. Located in Grimsby.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies NicNak Yorkshire Terriers - ONTARIO (Canada) 

Breeder of multiple champion Yorkshire Terriers. Puppies are raised at home and available to carefully selected homes. Located in Ottawa.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Qoccle's - RA (Italy) 

Breeder of international champion Yorkshire Terriers in Massa Lombarda.




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