Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkie is a toy-sized dog with a terrier spirit. He has a spirited, sparkling character. He is not intimidated by larger dogs or by intruders into the home. He makes a fine watchdog and a loving pet. Because his coat is silky and fine, it does require routine attention.

Please fell free to send your Yorkshire Terrier breed review and we will publish it on this page.

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Yorkshire Terrier - Excellent Watchdog and Loving Pet

New Owner Questions

I am a new owner of a Yorkshire Terrier. She is three and a half months old and is throughly spoilt. Due to this, she is now very fussy with what she will eat and is often constipated. She will always beg for food and it is so difficult to not slip her a piece of chocolate or something nice when she does. Is this very bad for her health? I also battle to brush and groom her nicely as she refuses to stand still and yelps when I do not let her go. Any tips would really help. Thank you. jules_toz@yahoo.com

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